Saturday, July 07, 2007

S-O-R-D-E for Immigration


It may not make a good bumper sticker but it works as a pretty good acronym for establishing immigration priorities. Almost even sounds, ...well, Spanish (DOERS could work but REODS just didn't make sense).
  • S-eal the borders. We may not be able to cover every mile but anything we can do that will impede the flow and assist the Border Patrol is to our advantage.
  • O-pen legal immigration. Let's increase the number we annually authorize to immigrate. Let's encourage those who want to come to America legally to become Americans. I do not believe that there are jobs that no American will take but if we need more employable people, let's invite those who want to make our homeland their homeland.
  • R-eturn illegals when caught to their place of origin. Let's not worry about the 12+ Million here illegally for now, IF they are keeping a low profile. However, if they are caught committing a crime, send them back to their country of origin. But, don't send them back to go free. Instead, make a deal with their country of origin to incarcerate them for us. We can pay the country their fee for maintaining a prisoner. Even if they over charge us, I am sure that overall, it will cost us less. So what if the crooks don't get to watch TV.
  • D-iscourage the employment of illegals. Heavily fine employers that violate the laws but also make it easier for them to confirm a prospective employee. (For one thing, illegals should NOT be able to get a drivers license.)
  • E-nglish for assimilation. Establish English only as the national language to encourage assimilation. We do need and want immigrants. But they need to become Americans. They cannot easily do that if they are isolated by their language. And we don't help them by trying to accommodate their language for all government services. For a business, this is fine. But for all official government transactions, we should be working with one language - English.
The Senate may have given up on "their" immigration bill but we should not let them give up on this issue. We should enforce the current laws and work on improvements (I humbly suggest the above list) but we cannot just give up because too many people have already snuck across our borders.

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