Thursday, May 17, 2007

Outsource the Incarcerated Illegals

My basic thoughts on Illegal Immigration are:

  1. Open up legal immigration.
  2. Seal the Borders
  3. Send back the ones we catch
  4. Discourage employing Illegals
  5. Make English the national language to encourage assimilation
But I would like to expand upon the 3rd point about sending them back. We cannot just declare that they all go home and expect them to do it. And we don't have the resources to make them all go home. But, if we catch them breaking another law (besides being her illegally in the first place) we send them back to where they came from.

But the challenge to that is, "What if they have committed a series crime?" Shouldn't they do some time? Yes! But how about we send them back to their country of origin to be incarcerated? What's in it for that country? We would pay that country to jail that person. And while they may charge us more then it costs them, it would probably be cheaper then keeping them in jail here.

And while we are at it, we could send the ones that are crowding our jails now. This would reduce the prison population considerably and we could avoid having to build more jails. We could pay these International hosts annually for as long as these individuals were to be jailed. When their time is up, we stop paying. We would probably need to audit these prisons periodically but I think we could do all of this for a lot less then what we pay per prisoner now.

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