Saturday, November 12, 2011

I am NOT the 99% or the 1%

Have you seen those bumper sticker? "You are the 99%" I didn't make the connection with the Occupy crowd at first (my bad). But the more I see and hear from the OWS'ers and their call to raise taxes on the 1%, the less I like about them and their call you solidarity against the 1%.

They seek unity/cover among many so they can claim to be the majority. But I still think they are bullies and cowards. Instead of trying to Reason with others, they want to intimidate all by their supposed numbers. So they claim to speak for and have the allegiance of 99% of the population. And they declare this on signs and homemade bumper stickers.

They want to hold some businessman accountable. I can agree with that. But what about the enabling politicians? Instead, they want to castigate any body who is rich on the philosophy that they made their money on the backs of the not so rich. Their first false assumption is that the all wealth is one big pie and nobody should be allowed too big a piece because it then denies others their "fair share."

Some of the one per-centers may have stolen their wealth but many of them earn it by providing a service or product that others are willing pay for. Obviously, they cannot do all of the work by themselves so they create jobs for people that can help them serve their customers. Many of them take a risk to do this. Some fail and some succeed. They take the risk because if they succeed, they can expect large rewards. But if the OWS crowd has their way, why would anybody want to take a risk and creating a product or service let alone any jobs.

I for one am grateful to the 1%'s who have taken the risk so that I can have a job so I can pay for my daily needs and desires while I dream about making it to the ranks of the 1%.