Tuesday, July 24, 2007

To the Party In Charge

I urge you to support General Petraeus and allow him to finish the job in Iraq. The government of Iraq is the wrong benchmark to use. It may be a long time before they come up to speed to meet any benchmarks we set for them. However, the conflict in Iraq is NOT the war, it is merely the largest battle front.

There have been thousands of attacks by the Jihadist's world wide over the last decade. This branch of fanaticism is flexing it's muscle and it sees every step we take backwards as an opportunity to take a step forward. We need to hold our ground. We cannot afford to offer them any sort of encouragement.

The book they read is sorted in order by book size and has sayings of peace through out it. However, when placed in chronological order, it starts with peace and progresses to violence calling for the submission of all.

We may eventually be able to negotiate with them. But if we cannot negotiate from a position of strength, the only thing we will have to offer to them is submission. And that will be the end of our freedom.

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