Saturday, February 21, 2009

Cooking our Goose

Well said Congressmen.

"Never have so few spent so much so quickly to do so little."

Tom Cole --Oklahoma Republican Representative

I think we should send each of our illustrious, elitist, leaders (those that voted for our new millstone) a bib. It should be thick and towel-like to catch all of the slobber. It should have a picture of the Goose that laid the Golden Egg with a large, rotund, pig sitting on its back. The name of the goose is "Free Market." We'll call the pig B. G. (for Big Government). With one hand (labeled "Regulations") as he sits astride his feathered steed, he is choking the daylights out of Free Market. His other hand (labeled I.R.S.) is taking grain out of Free Market's feed trough. The caption can read, "If you don't give me another golden egg, we will have to Nationalize you." The Bib can then be labeled across the top, "Don't waste a good crisis." Across the bottom it can read, "This crises is a waste of change."

Nuff said.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

500,000,000 Americans to lose jobs

That's right! Nancy Pelosi says that every month we don't pass the Gi-huge-ic – Porkulus – Spend-a-holic bill, five hundred million Americans will lose their job.

Only one problem – There is only about 360 million Americans living today. I guess we better get busy and start having some more kids. Oh wait; Nancy wants us to cut back on them too. Not only does she want us to cut down, she advocates cutting some out while there are still in the womb (It's not murder if they are still inside the mommy – doesn't make sense to me either but government must know best).

So if kids are not the answer, where are the other 140 million workers going to come from? Some possibilities:

  • Maybe she is counting on an increase in illegal aliens when Mexico collapses. No, that cannot be – they are not Americans.
  • Maybe she is counting on every American (part of our sacrifice) to get two jobs to help pay for the Spend-a-LOT bill. It's not only good bye Free Market, it's good bye Free Time. But how many of the total population are of a working age? Does that mean all retired people will have to get a job or two? Will the child labor laws be revoked to cover the largess of Congress?
  • Perhaps, big numbers confuse her and she thought 500,000,000 sounded better then saying "a-lot."
  • Personally, I think her inflated figure comes from the number of dead people that Acorn registered to vote for Obama.

Either way, this Stifle-us bill will truly stifle U.S. Most of the "created" jobs seem to be government jobs and no government job has ever contributed one dime to the G.D.P. If we were to spend ten million dollars a day since July 4, 1776, it would not equal the amount proposed to "spend" us out of this problem today, tomorrow, or ever. We need to save for the future, not spend for it.