Saturday, September 20, 2008

Fannie And Freddie Have BO In Their Pocket?

How can a Government Sponsored Entity (i.e. Freddi Mac and Fannie Mae) give campaign contributions to legislatures? Or, who let the fox into the hen house?

I just read the IBD article:

Congress Lies Low To Avoid Bailout Blame

Senator Obama and his fans are blaming President Bush, Senator McCain, and Capitalism for the Financial Crisis. Yet the facts seem to indicate that there is nothing "Free" about this market and that both President Bush and Senator McCain tried to sound the alarm several years back.

It also seems that what was being "marketed" was the legislative influence and our tax dollars and the good Senator from Illinois sure got his share.

To know Obama is to NOBAMA

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Whoopi was a slave?

She asked Senator John McCain if she would have to go back to being a slave on her program as reported on Newsbusters.

I had no idea she was that old.

Hyperbole I'm sure but to think that bringing in Constitutional judges would "set us back" is telling. The left seems to have such a problem with history and the constitution. The Christian right I am familiar with does not want to bring slavery back, especially a "Race Based" slavery.

Two Points here:
  1. Race is not a biblically supported idea. It is better supported by Darwinisim (see Answers in Genesis).
  2. Slavery has not been limited in history to just one skin color. It's a sad note in our history that it existed at all and that skin color played a part in it.
Slavery did not start with the founding of our country. It is sad that it took us so long to get rid of it. May we help abolish it around the world now.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Whatever happened to "Choice?"

I just read Mark Earley's editorial in Breakpoint titled

The Wrong Kind of Party Funding Sterility"

It's a sad tale of tax dollars supporting programs to coerce people (especially poor people in poor countries) into getting sterilized. They don't want to care for their brother, just get rid of him.

Why is it that the "Pro-Choice" position seems to favor the rather permanent "choice" of death for somebody else? It's never a "choice" for schooling or healthcare. Debate isn't even allowed with some topics so we can make a choice. The choice has been made for us on Anthropogenic Climate Change and Evolution. The "Choice" always centers around fixing the unwanted consequences of a licentious lifestyle.

While reading the article, I was reminded of the bumper sticker slogan, "Keep your Morals off of My Body." How come that doesn't apply here?

Friday, September 05, 2008

Tough Choice: A Community Organizer or a Mayor

I think most voting Americans know what a mayor does. We get to choose our mayors. They have to campaign and convince us why we should choose them. Then, once elected, they are to be accountable to us, the people. They are to serve us.

What is a Community Organizer? What do they do? Well, obviously, they organize communities you nit wit (They say that like I'm supposed to know). But what does it mean to "organize a community?" How does one get such a position? Who are they accountable to? And, what are they supposed to accomplish? How do they serve the people? Or, Do they even serve the people?

Wait a minute! Why are we comparing the credentials of a presidential candidates with a vice presidential candidate? I suppose we need to know what they have done to see if they will do what they say they will do. But, shouldn't it be P to P and VP to VP? To be honest, I'm really less concerned about what they have done as compared to what they promise to do to me, err..., I mean for me in the future.

I think I will take the old guy who has taken some risks and made some mistakes over Mr. "Present" any day. And while an organized community sounds nice, I'd prefer the safer one with less taxes and more energy any day.