Saturday, October 31, 2009

At it Again Al Gore

Costco is helping Ex-Vice President Al Gore push his new book. I am disappointed in them but that is their prerogative. In the November 2009 issue of The Costco Connection, on page 24, Al starts with:

As a nation, we face three interrelated crises that collectively threaten to destabilize our way of life: the climate crises, the continuing economic crisis and the security crisis, all stemming from our absurd overdependence on foreign oil, the largest reserves of which are controlled by sovereign states in the Persian Gulf.

He then goes on in the article to advocate "green" energy as the solution to all of these problems. I would support the development of green energy as long as they were market driven. However, the advocated government "solutions" removes logic and replaces it with politics. I also challenge his initial premise that oil is the cause of these problems.

  1. The Climate Crisis: What crisis? A lot of fabricated hype from the same people who are making money off of the panic they have caused. Al Gore says "the Debate is settled" but it is only settled because he refuses to debate anybody. There are many scientists that have challenged his theories but he and the media have chosen to ignore them. Oil has been labeled as the boogie man but I think the alarmists are the greater problem.
  2. The Economic Crisis: Congress still refuses to acknowledge their culpability in the economic crash we have had. And their solutions have done nothing but exasperate the problem. To force banks to make risky loans and not expect any consequences is pretty short sighted. But that's politics I guess. Did corrupt business people take advantage of this? Yes! But were they not enabled by corrupt or suspect politicians? Cheaper energy would help the situation and the best way to do that is to drill here in the USA and drill now. More oil here means cheaper energy worldwide and that would help everybody.
  3. The Security Crises: The Jihadists declared war on us because of our dependency on oil? I don't think so. The hate us because we represent and advocate freedom, not because we have paid them market rates for their oil. He can stick his green fingers in his ears and ignore the Islamic threat if he wants to but that is not going to make us any safer. I do believe that the majority of the Muslims are peaceful. But the Jihadists have declared war on us and going green is not going to stop them from trying to kill us.

Vice President Gore thinks we can get rid of our problems by getting rid of our absurd overdependence on foreign oil. I think what's absurd is our overdependence on government to solve our problems.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

I'm a Racist?

Several "Experts" in the media seem to think that if I oppose President Obama, then I am a racist. Shoot! Truth be told, I kinda like his skin color; It's the rest of him that I am having difficulty accepting.

Since I started voting, there have been three presidents that I have felt have caused more harm then good to this country:
  • President Carter the Inept
  • President Clinton the Immoral
  • and now, President Obama the Arrogant
But I don't hate any of them. Their "Progressive" ideology on the other hand...

But back to the race issue; I believe there is only One Race. This race is not white, or black, or red, or yellow, or even green. It's the Human Race. We have morphological differences inherited from our ancestors all the way back to Ham, Shem, and Japheth, and ultimately to Noah. We are all related. We are just different (Thank you God). Viva La Difference!

Skin color may be the easiest way to classify people. But skin color doesn't kill people; Ideology does.