Thursday, August 31, 2006

Religion of Peace my Donkey!

So President Bush has finally labeled the IslamoFascists as Islam Fascists. BZ!

How fast was it that the defenders of the Religion of Peace denounced him for associating these killers with Islam? But wait, don't these killers themselves CLAIM to be Muslim. Shouldn't the defenders of the Religion of Peace be denouncing them instead? If they truly wanted to defend their religion, they should be showing the world how these killers are perverting their religion and reveal to us the true nature of the peace of their relegion. Educate us! Don't castigate us for using the title they claim for themselves. Show us the difference. I don't see this happening.

Just another good reason to NOT vote for any donkeys on the left this fall.

Pavement is forever.

HA! Who ever said that must not have ever had to weed their yard. Or had to sit in traffic while WSDOT "repairs" the roadway. Or seen the ancient ruins of abondoned cities.

The tenacity of God's created plants is amazing.

It does make for a short bumper sticker.