Tuesday, June 09, 2009

What’s a Politician?

I think I have discovered the true roots and meaning of the word POLITICIAN.


Meaning many, as in polygon or polytheism.


To deceive. A falsehood. This must be plural but part of the word is "deceptively" hidden within the larger word and only the "I" is exposed. Interesting. With politicians, it's all about them so why not expose only the "I" of self.


A blood sucking bug with a small head.


From Mortician, meaning to bury

Therefore, a Pol-i-ti-cian is a blood sucking pest that speaks many lies in order to bury the truth and hide any bodies. I may still be missing something because it doesn't say anything about taxes. Oh wait, they don't call them taxes do they? They call it "Investing."

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