Saturday, June 20, 2009

Reparations? Sure, Why Not?

I think every slave liberated in 1865 still living should be paid something by any living slave holder today. Why involve today's taxpayers?

Why indeed but is that not what is being asked for now? It's not, "Who did this to (the) U.S.?" but "You owe me now!" The United States of America did not start slavery, we inherited it. Some of our founders wanted to abolish it when we became a country. But that was not politically correct for that time. It took some Christians in Britain to get the ball rolling to end legal slavery. The USA finally followed through. Some say that Christians kept slavery going here. But I say, "Just because a fan wears the jersey, doesn't mean he is on the team." There are a lot of people who claim to speak for Christ who do not know The Christ.

Back to Slavery, Reparations, and Taxes: What is slavery? Is it not enforced servitude where you work for somebody else's gain? I don't mean to minimize the dehumanizing history of slavery but what have we done to our children? Is not the debt we have saddled them with a type of slavery? How long will they have to work, not for their own benefit, but to pay off the largess of the Progressive Politicians? Perhaps we should hold these politicians accountable and make them pay reparations to our children for what they have done to our them.

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