Saturday, June 06, 2009

Pro-Life and Abortion Common Ground

President Obama wants the Pro-Life and the Pro-Abortion People to find common ground. Where is there common ground between life and death?

However, as a Pro-Lifer, I do have a suggestion. We concede that they can use the term "Pro-Choice" if they allow that the fetus get's to make the choice. They have chosen the term "Choice" but it does not fit them now.

Now the fetus, obviously, cannot make a wise, informed decision until it has the information and can understand it. Furthermore, it cannot make any legally binding decisions until it is 18. I propose that we let the child grow to the age of eighteen, and then ask them, "Should you have been aborted?" If they say yes, they will need to sign an affidavit stating this. Their statement should include a message to their parents as to why they think they should have been aborted. This will NOT allow them to commit suicide. Pro-Lifers can provide counselors to help this troubled teen. It will be up to the Pro-Choicer's to figure out how to get the signed affidavit sent back in time before birth for this child authorizing them to abort them. The mother will be required to read this future statement from her child before she includes her "choice" for the abortion. After all, both parties involved must make the "choice" for the abortion.

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