Saturday, September 13, 2008

Whoopi was a slave?

She asked Senator John McCain if she would have to go back to being a slave on her program as reported on Newsbusters.

I had no idea she was that old.

Hyperbole I'm sure but to think that bringing in Constitutional judges would "set us back" is telling. The left seems to have such a problem with history and the constitution. The Christian right I am familiar with does not want to bring slavery back, especially a "Race Based" slavery.

Two Points here:
  1. Race is not a biblically supported idea. It is better supported by Darwinisim (see Answers in Genesis).
  2. Slavery has not been limited in history to just one skin color. It's a sad note in our history that it existed at all and that skin color played a part in it.
Slavery did not start with the founding of our country. It is sad that it took us so long to get rid of it. May we help abolish it around the world now.

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