Monday, September 08, 2008

Whatever happened to "Choice?"

I just read Mark Earley's editorial in Breakpoint titled

The Wrong Kind of Party Funding Sterility"

It's a sad tale of tax dollars supporting programs to coerce people (especially poor people in poor countries) into getting sterilized. They don't want to care for their brother, just get rid of him.

Why is it that the "Pro-Choice" position seems to favor the rather permanent "choice" of death for somebody else? It's never a "choice" for schooling or healthcare. Debate isn't even allowed with some topics so we can make a choice. The choice has been made for us on Anthropogenic Climate Change and Evolution. The "Choice" always centers around fixing the unwanted consequences of a licentious lifestyle.

While reading the article, I was reminded of the bumper sticker slogan, "Keep your Morals off of My Body." How come that doesn't apply here?

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