Thursday, July 24, 2008

Explain this Mess - I - ah....

It seems teleprompter OB-wannabe-president-see can say the wrong thing even while using the teleprompter.

What is this, "Citizen of the World" crap? He did claim to be a proud American first (Michelle is now proud so he can be proud too) but to expand his territory to the world? Not that he plans to be over the world but, I think, more likely to bring the USA under submission to the rest of the world. That ought to appease the Europeans. We can all be one big happy socialist family, sharing each other's wealth, and love, and wealth, (did I say wealth yet?) with and for each other. Man! That sounds grand. We can tap into all the money from all of those rich 2nd and 3rd world counties. Count me in. I want my fair share. I am sure our standard of living will go way up then.

That reminds me, whatever happened to that young guy that made his own "Citizen of the World" passport and tried to get into another country? Is he still in jail?

To know Obama is to NĂ˜-Obama.

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