Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Congress should pay, otherwise the taxpayers will have to foot the bill

Congress should pay, otherwise the taxpayers will have to.

Oh my gosh! I wonder if this guy is a Democrat or a Republican? (any odds on either?) Was he educated in a public or private school ? Was he educated at all? Does TV count? Does NPR give out diplomas?

Senator John McCain damaged his campaign when he admitted he didn't know anything about economics. I think Senator Barack Obama has shown us that he knows even less then the senior Senator.

It's bad enough when these two fine members of Congress are Econo-Ignorant (I suspect they are not alone) but I seem to remember we also had a President once who was afraid to let taxpayers have more of their money back because they (the taxpayer) may not spend it correctly. That's awful? We cannot be trusted to spend our own money? Well! Who made the money in the first place? Who made these rules anyway? How is it that a person who doesn't produce anything tangible can tell a person that trades what they did produce into money what they (the producer) can do with that money?

As bad as the Executive and Legislative branches sound, if the general populace (and I suspect that Mr. Guess is not alone either) believes that Congress has some pool of money they use to pay for everything before they tax the taxpayers, then we can only expect more taxes. Almost makes you to want to stop producing just to see how long NPR can survive.

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