Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Algorithim of Fear

Libs seem to have captured the bumper sticker phrase market. In trying to understand liberals, I thought I'd try to think like one and create some bumper stickers of my own. I didn't do too well thinking like a lib (still feels kinda creepy) but I did come up with some bumper sticker ideas I liked.

A friend coined the phrase "Al-Gore-ithim" while we were discussing an Australian kid website where you can figure out how big your "Carbon Footprint" is. Turns out that if you don't eat meat, have kids, or do anything, you should be able to live forever. However, if you live a normal life, they want you dead by age 4. The earth would be a better place then. He figured that the program must be using a left leaning Al-Gore-ithim.

This one is shorter

A more truthful paraphrase of a popular liberal phrase.

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