Saturday, December 29, 2007

More Hyped Reporting

More sad fallout from the Domestic Violence on Christmas in Carnation. A women and her boy friend kill her parents, her brother and her brother's wife and their two young children. Apparently, a 911 call was attempted but not completed. Deputies were dispatched to check it out but they found the gate to the property locked. Their department is investigating why no further action was taken.

I read in a separate article that Domestic Violence calls are the most common calls on Christmas day. Man! How many bad ties can Aunt Bessie give out to cause so much trouble. Is that why the deputies had to leave because they were swamped? How many of the 911 calls taken that day were prank calls.

Then I read the article by King 5's Linda Brill with the headline:
No such demand is listed in the article. A surviving brother is quoted as saying that if he had been the deputy and that happened to him, he would retire. But no "demand" is listed. My opinion is that Ms. Brill is the only one with a "demand" and it's purpose is to sensationalize her article. I think we need to demand more accurate reporting from the Main Stream Media.

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