Sunday, December 30, 2007

I'm no poet but...

Michelle Malkin posted on her site a brief story about a poetry contest at:

Roses are red
Bees are swarming
We're all going to die from Global Warming

Her title was the best poem there. I found very few poems in the comment section so I thought I would make my own. Then I found that I could not add it because I don't have an account for her site. So I thought I would post it here.


Is this a contest that anyone can join?
Any chance of me winning some coin?

When I was a high-schooling,
We feared and we fret
The panic was global cooling.
MSM sure had us upset

But I must have slept through that little ice age
Main Stream Media has now changed the page

A consensus has been made by all who agree
Man caused this warming don’t you see?
Just ignore all of the scientists who do disagree
They are so disarming but their getting a fee

They all work for big bad oil
And cannot be trusted
Can’t they see we are all going to boil?
They ought to be busted

And his most excellent Gore
Jeez he’s such a bore
He takes the cake
and get’s right to the core
Wish a could stay awake
But he makes me snore

Now something should be said here about our Carbon foot print
But the only thing I can come up with is Bourbon and something not fit to print

Hey! This was fun
Can we do the next one on the 2nd Amendment and my favorite gun?

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