Saturday, December 15, 2007

Ex-Officer Stops Homeschooler on Killing Sree at Mega Church started by Closet Homosexual

I don't get it. Earlier this week I heard that a homeschooler had killed several people at a mega church that had been started by a closet homosexual but was killed (the homeschooler, not the closet homo) by a security guard. Wait! No, that changed to he killed himself because the security guard was a police officer that had been fired ten years early for lying about yelling at a bus driver. Now it is hard to find anything real specifics in the major media.

There is more material from the local papers in Colorado but the big hype above was all I heard this week.

Bottom line: Jeanne Assam, a law abiding citizen with a right to carry a fire arm, stopped a killing spree. Even if the creep fired his own fatal shot, he clearly had not planned to stop that soon. Miss (or Ms?) Assam is a hero and she did the right thing. But I wonder:
  1. Why was the hero's past significant?
  2. Why was the past of the founder of the church significant?
  3. Why was the educational past of the killer significant? I don't think I have ever seen a report that said, "And the suspect was educated in a public school."
Just asking.

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