Saturday, April 28, 2007

Will Gun Control Work?

The Premise of gun control is that outlawing all guns means that the law breakers will have no access to any guns. Some surmise that if we made all guns illegal in the entire world, the bad guys would not be able to get any guns at all. Problem Solved! Or is it?

My neighborhood has been declared as a "Drug Free Zone." There is even a yellow street sign to prove it (or remind everybody?). Yet, a house in this same neighborhood was found to be a Meth lab. To my knowledge, this drug is not legal in any part of the country. Not just the city. Not just my home state. But the entire country. And they were making the drugs here.

May I go another step further? Crime is illegal in this country, yet it still happens. Why? Because there are people that choose to NOT obey those in authority for anything.

Gun control laws don't disarm criminals. They only disarm law abiding citizens. Criminals know this. And even if the criminal does not have a gun, he/she knows that their victims do not either. Virginia Tech was advertised as a Gun Free Zone. Perhaps the outcome would have been different if there had been some law abiding citizen there who was armed. Perhaps the outcome would have been different if the killer had NOT known that all his victims would be un-armed.

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