Friday, April 06, 2007

The Speaker Speaks and Syria Laughs at U.S.

Nanny Pull-Out-See's visit to Syria was more then humiliating.

  1. She defied the President. (No big deal in the eyes of the libs.)
  2. She overstepped her Constitutional limits. (Being the Constitutional experts they are on the left, how could they miss this one? Is this part of that "living-breathing document" philosophy?)
  3. She "LIED" about what the Prime Minister of Israel said. (I guess it depends upon how you define "peace" talks.)
  4. She cavorted with a despot who supports and aids our enemies.
  5. AND, I am assuming, that she made the US taxpayers pay for this trip.

I do not see how her actions shows her support for our troops. I think she has made this world more dangerous for them and for U.S.

And it looks like it was illegal.

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Thomas said...

The bipartisan Iraq Study Group encouraged the US to make peace with Syria. You say that Pelosi defied the President, but the majority of Americans are already against him.

THBarb said...

Thanks for commenting. The Iraq Surrender Guide is not policy. None of the "bipartisan" panel that concocted the report served in Iraq. Nor apparently did they interview any of the troops that are serving there. The ISG may have been bipartisan but it was most certainly politically generated.

Just because the Speaker is a member of the majority party does not mean that she speaks for the majority of Americans. And even IF the majority of Americans were against the President, circumventing our own Constitution accomplishes little, if any, good. Ms. Pelosi has let her position go to her head. She has recklessly set herself above the Constitution and violated a law on the books for over 200 years.