Saturday, January 14, 2012

I Favor Traditional Marriage

Our state is poised to push through a Gay Marriage bill. We have already passed "Everything but marriage" but now the collective (or shall I say the legislative WE) want to finish the job.

I wrote my state Congressmen and Senator. I got the following reply from one of them:
I do not support discrimination of any kind; therefore it is easy for me to support legislation for same-sex couples. The rights granted by law to heterosexual couples should also be granted to same-sex couples.  The term “marriage” has been defined in different ways, but no matter what the definition, state and federal legislators need to ensure that equal civil rights are enjoyed by all citizens.  
They are redefining the definition of something that existed before government so that they, err. I mean WE don't discriminate? And what gives them that right?

Marriage is not about whether a man can marry a tree, frog, a dog, or another man. It is not just about love. Marriage is about a commitment of two people to raise up their next generation.  Yes there are couples that chose not to continue their family line and there are those that cannot carry on the family line. And there are those that chose to break that commitment. But that cannot be used to justify the biological dead-end of homosexual marriage.

God established marriage to pass on life. But man is setting himself up over God to abandon life.

So to avoid discrimination, how soon will a man be allowed to marry a tree, a frog, a dog?

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