Saturday, May 22, 2010

How can a Christian vote for a Republican?

It ain't easy let me tell ya. But, it would be harder to vote for a Democrat.

A Progressive recently challenged me stating the Jesus was all about compassion and the poor. In fact the New Testament has lots of verses about feeding and caring for the poor and only a few gay bashing verses. So we should vote for the poor before we vote against the gays. Huh?

How does voting for bigger government help the poor? And what do gays have to do with that? Then it hit me; these guys can't see the difference between Charity and Government. So I made the following chart to see if that would help.

My Progressive friend has not yet responded.
The scriptures, Old and New, tell us repeatedly to care for the poor. But no where does it tell us to turn this responsibility over to the government. We are still responsible. Have we not seen this philosophy in the giving patterns of the politicians? It's usually the conservative that gives more. The liberals must think they give enough through their taxes. President Obama was an anomaly in that he did give a respectable percentage of his income to charity. Good for him. But, I still wonder about his charities.

The United Way campaign is underway across the country. I prefer to give directly to the organizations that are doing the work like the Gospel Mission groups, Pregnancy Resource Centers, and others. A lot more poor people would be helped if more money went to the United Way instead of the United States Treasury. Our government's job is to protect the poor (and the rich and all of those in between) from aggressors, not feed them.

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