Thursday, November 12, 2009

Major Hasan Violated his Oath to Serve

I just read two good articles relevant to the Jihadist attack at Fort Hood; The first by Chuck Norris and the second by Ann Coulter. Both point out that the Jihadist ideology is dangerous and our PC attitude readily enables the adherents. It is even worse when we allow this in our military.

It is clear that Major Hasan violated his oath to defend the Constitution long before he murdered 13 people. Perhaps that should be an annual test for all armed forces personnel; "Do you still stand by your oath?" If not, they should be discharged. But what if they benefited from a paid education? Perhaps they should pay it back. If it is clear they lied in the first place, there should be a punishment of some kind. However, we do not want them around our troops.

If the 3500+ Muslims in our military can adhere to their religion, support their oath, and comply with the UCMJ, then I thank them for their service. If they cannot, we should heed Major Hasan's warning and get them out. We cannot continue to hide from this destructive ideology. This Major was blatant, he didn't try to hide anything. I guess you don't have to hide anything if the Brass are not watching anyway.

Major Hasan should get the death penalty. How about death by injection of pigs blood?

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