Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Imagine! A Speaker who Thinks First.

Our Aggressive Progressive Speaker has said that the G.O.P. will have to use their imagination to get any energy bill past her that includes drilling for oil. The Republicans tried to get creative by voting against adjournment and continuing the debate in the house, even after the Democrats left. It was reported that the Democratic staff thought the Republican congressmen were "Morons" for doing that. The Democratic congressmen were not available for comment because they had already skipped town.

It's funny! The Democrats are so outraged about American Enterprises outsourcing work to foreign countries. Yet, they see no problem with the outsourcing of our energy supply. Can they really be concerned about the environment if they are willing to buy oil from despots that have shown little concern for the environment? Who is better prepared and motivated to protect the environment then American Companies on their own turf?

I wonder if our collective imaginations will be able to produce as much energy for our energy dependent economy as filling our tires with hot air? I wonder what the Speaker thinks about that?

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