Saturday, February 10, 2007

Cowardly Bullies

I think the Jihadists are cowardly bullies; They attack women, children, the elderly, and unarmed men. Basically, the weak. And when they do attack soldiers, it is usually while hiding behind their preferred targets, the weak. Then, to avoid dealing with the consequences, they kill themselves, "Ha Ha, you can't get me now."

He (usually a he) thinks he's a hero. His bully buddies think he's a hero. And he thinks he will soon be surrounded by his seventy virgins (Unless he is a she then she...what does she get? Perhaps she sees this as an escape from her bully brothers or something). And will these virgins think he is a hero?

And about those virgins, does he marry them all? Or will he be forced to live in a household run by seventy women who want to remain virgins? I often wondered about that. The Imam's probably don't tell these "hero's" about that.

Now I will probably be threatened or worse by one or more of these bullies. Oh well! My God is bigger then their god. And He's real.

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