Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Let's frown to keep the bullies in check.

the Times said,

Administration energy spent clamoring for a bigger American military presence would be better directed at convincing Iraq's neighbors they have a stake in brokering peace and keeping Iraq whole....

And just how are they to do that?

My sixteen year old son provided an analogy that may fall apart in a couple of places but still makes sense. The USA is like the big guy who has stepped in to help a weak kid (the people of Iraq) against a bunch of bullies (the Jihadists). Now with the ISG (I'll Surrender Gladly) report, the USA is to tell the little guy, "Fend for yourself, I have too many owies! Oh! And you bullies, be nice, or I'll have to show you my stern face."

Now who is helping the Jihadists? At least two of Iraq's neighbors; Iran and Syria.

Is a stable Iraq in "their" best interests? How do we convince them that it is? Give them more money? Sure, that works for all of our problems. We just throw more money at it and it goes away- NOT.

I don't think the people of Iraq should count on Iran or Syria for anything. And now it looks like they can't count on the US of A either.

And the I think the Jihadist's are thinking "Today, Baghdad. Tomorrow, New York - again."

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