Saturday, November 04, 2006

Pompous Donut Hole (Full of air, probably hot)

I believe the "good" Jr. Senator from Mass-Choose-itz (it's all about choice) when he says he botched the joke. After all, his humor record has been rather dismal. I do believe he meant that President Bush was stuck in Iraq. And he did follow up with something like he had been stuck in Vietnam. Though you don't hear much about that comment. It still shows an insensitivity towards those that wear the uniform today. It's Jr's apology that set me off.

We the people misinterpreted the poor maligned "Jr" Senator. Yes my fellow Americans, it's our fault. Don't we know a joke when we hear one? After all, he has shown so much respect for the troops in the past. Like when he came back from Vietnam. Like when he voted for the war then voted against the funding. Like when... well, I can't think of any others just now but there must be more because, after all, he is a Vet you know.

I too am a vet. I did meet some stupid people in the service but they were aberrations. I think there is a greater percentage of stupid people in Congress than there is in the military. (If they are in Congress and served in the military, do I count them once or twice?)

The Elite Senator thinks he speaks down to us from Mount Olympus. All I see is a ketchup bottle. And I'd like to give him a good Swift Boot off of it.

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