Monday, April 24, 2006

Immigration: My 2¢ worth

Okay! So I have listened to the rhetoric and some of it doesn’t make sense to me (i.e. amnesty for illegals. And cut this nonsense about undocumented workers. Of course we didn’t document their entry. They broke the law by sneaking in Illegally.).

I think we should:

  1. Open up legal immigration. At least enough to replace the illegal aliens who will soon be without a job. We should have a liberal immigration policy, but only for those who are willing to obey the laws to get here.
  2. Build a wall and/or fence to stem the flow of aliens who willingly break our laws to get here.
  3. We will not be able to round up all of the aliens that have snuck in so far. But if they get caught breaking a second law, even if it’s jaywalking or a speeding ticket (wait a minute, what are they doing with a legal drives license? This has also got to stop) send them back to their country of origin.
  4. Increase and enforce the fines on employers for hiring illegal aliens. Make it a bad business decision to hire illegal aliens.
  5. Make English the national language. And require that all government business be conducted in English. All ballots and contracts should be in English. Businesses can cater to a language group but the government should not.

    Nuff said for now.

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